If you have visited my bio page and read all the way to the bottom, you know that I am involved with Toastmasters, an international volunteer organization fostering public speaking and leadership skills. In fact I'm currently the President of my club, Southern Berkshire Toastmasters. In those two tracks, public speaking and leadership, there are levels of accomplishment as you work through the program manuals. For speaking, the first level is the Competent Communicator, then working through additional specialized books, there is Advanced Communicator-Bronze, -Silver, and -Gold. On the Leadership track, there is the basic Competent Leader, as you do tasks helping the club, then Advanced Leader-Bronze and -Silver, as you take on roles in the organization beyond the club.

I achieved my Advanced Communicator-Gold this past fall, and I have just finished what's called a High Performance Leadership project for my Advanced Leader-Silver. When you achieve those levels in both tracks, you automatically become a Distinguished Toastmaster or DTM. On Tuesday, March 29th, I reported to my club on my High Performance Leadership project, which was to create, market, and deliver a workshop called "Speaking Out with Clarity and Confidence" all about using the voice safely and effectively in any situation. So I'm now a Distinguished Toastmaster!

Video link coming soon!

TM 2013 Division Contest


February 20, 2012 @11:38 am
Lynda Whitney
Bhavani - your Enchantment of Chanting workshop at Kripalu on Sat. was so freeing. I can't tell you how much it helped me and it was FUN! I need to develop my public speaking skills for my life, my career, for everything. Any suggestions? I live right outside Boston in Reading MA. In gratitude, Lynda
May 22, 2011 @06:03 pm
Belinda Bothwick
Congratulations on your most recent achievement! Very much enjoyed this presentation for many of the reasons cited by the person giving the feedback. And there was no issue with understanding "DTM" since you had already explsined it to me in a prior conversation. Will write more in an email to your personal address.

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