Transforming Stress--Inside and Out

Every magazine and TV news “better living” segment provides tips on diffusing the stress that builds up in the process of living life and this weekend you’ll experience many of the same kinds of practices. But what is unique about this workshop is that you’ll get to the root of your stress—you’ll discover its true cause and work with the patterns of perception that increase and prolong it.

In our adventure together, you’ll luxuriate in

·        ---Passive stretches that are more restorative for the nervous system than sleep;
--- Yogic breathing and meditation techniques that can relieve conditions of dis-stress when they arise;
---Simple practices that can add joy and balance to your daily life.

 Perhaps even more importantly, you’ll learn

·       --- How your interpretation of life events brings you equanimity or suffering;
---The dynamics of your relationship to stress;
---Ways of viewing that can empower you in stressful situations.

 You’ll go home relaxed and revitalized with a tool-kit of stress-relieving techniques and practices—and with new perspectives that can transform not just your stress, but your life.


Tools for Conscious Living

In a workshop that is fun and relaxing as well as informative and perhaps even transformative, Bhavani introduces you to a variety of tools for conscious living, including the oldest tool of all: conscious awareness—learning about ourselves through witnessing our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. We’ll practice this conscious awareness as we experience

        ---Kripalu yoga postures and breathing techniques;
---Everyday movement, including learning how to give and receive the blessing of a simple shoulder massage;
---Co-listening—a powerful format for being present with another—and communicating our awarenesses;
---Times of all-out, inner-child-pleasing play.

 You’ll have an opportunity to relax, to savor your connection to yourself, others, and spirit, and to discover new dimensions of your being that you can continue to nurture with the practices of yoga long after you return home.



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  • Dec 22
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

Quote of the Week


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


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