(Questions and Answers are from Bhavani’s workshop “A Simple How-To and Who's Who Introduction to Sanskrit Mantra” part of the Feb 2012 Annual Yoga Hub Virtual Conference.)

Question: Is there any difference between "nama" vs "namo"? Like masculine vs feminine?

Answer: Namah and namo basically mean "name". Om namah Shivaya on one level is I am calling out the name of Shiva. Often it's translated as well as Salutations to Lord Shiva or in the old language I bow to Lord Shiva. There are rules in Sanskrit governing whether the form is namo or namah. When namah is in the middle of the mantra, there is a slight aspiration of the "h"; when it comes at the end of the mantra, the "h" is even more aspirated, becoming namaha, as in Om Shri Lakshmiye namaha. Good questions. Keep exploring. And enjoying.


September 19, 2013 @12:51 am
How wonderful to hear your voice and see you on the video, too. You are an iraoinstipn to all of us. Thank you so much for your book, too: Truth, simple and to the point.Love and namaste from Sarani

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