Speaking from the Heart

Whether your public speaking is on stage, teaching, or offering a toast, you're not alone if you experience performance anxiety. For many the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death. This workshop will teach you how to use the tools of breath and yoga to transform your fear into the joy that comes from authentically communicating the message of your heart.

This five-day immersion program is limited to a small group of participants so you'll have ample opportunity to work individually as well as in the group, as you learn

        ---exercises to bring you present in your body before you speak;
---the body’s relaxation-producing breath, which naturally dissipates anxiety;

---mindfulness techniques that maintain an inner focus; and
---the basics of effective speechwriting.

My promise to you is not that you’ll no longer feel any fear, but that it will no longer hold you back from sharing your uniqueness with the world.

“This was an awesome experience. Bhavani created a safe space from the moment we entered the room the first day:  I could hear the love and acceptance in her voice. She lovingly set guidelines for positive talking to each other in the class, enabling us to help each other become more whole. A healing took place—healing and growth. I’m leaving with tools to use to stay present in my body when I do public speaking—practical experiential exercises to tame the fear.  It has changed my life: I have faced my fear and learned I can do what I previously thought I could not do.”
---Sue Carr, Malvern, PA




Butterfly Bootcamp

 “When you harness your butterflies, they take you flying.” This workshop is a shorter version of Speaking from the Heart. During the session, participants explore various techniques for moving out of the mind, which manufactures fears, and into the body, which can assist us in remaining centered as we enter “performance mode.” A big part of the focus is abdominal breathing and other helpful physical tools.

By the end of the session, attendees will

        --- know a sequence of warm-ups helpful for the body before speaking to a group
---know the practice and benefits of abdominal breathing to project the voice and reduce anxiety
---have specific physical tools to use to harnessnervous energy
---have a whole new relationship—maybe a friendship even—with their “butterflies”



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  • Dec 22
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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