Where did summer go?


I hope you had a good one--

and are ready for a busy Fall!


Bhavani playing at kirtan

My summer was short but sweet. At the end of the summer I had the good fortune of being invited to Martha's Vineyard. I first took a great memoir writing retreat with the incredible Nancy Aronie and then did a kirtan and meditation workshop at Scarlet Johnson's spectacular Yoga Barn yoga studio. The picture to the left is from the kirtan, which I did with a fine MV drummer, Rick Bausman. It was all a great joy. And of course Martha's Vineyard itself--which I'd never seen before--is magical. I highly recommend you visit it sometime if you've not experienced it.

Now I'm back in Lenox and ready to do my next kirtan at Kripalu on November 27. Remember that if you're in the neighborhood, you can come to the kirtan for $15. Or even better, there is Berkshire day at Kripalu on Wednesdays, so you get a discount on the entire day rate. I'm also continuing to do R&R workshops--and you can look ahead to plan your trip when I'm teaching because all the R&R workshops are now listed on the Kripalu website!

Meditation bowlMy next longer program is an Introduction to Meditation on the weekend following Thanksgiving, November 29 through December 1, 2019. Remember that it's great for experienced meditators as well as those just starting out. Click on Upcoming Program on the right column to find out more information about the weekend--and to register on Kripalu's website, click here.

If you're a plan ahead person, consider coming to my Soothing Midwinter Meditation Retreat from December 22-26, 2019. The year-end time is perfect for contemplation: taking stock of the year that is passing away, and visioning the year to come. Learn more about that program here

Please know that I’d love to come to your area to do any of my workshops. Check out my Events to Sponsor page to see what I offer on the road—and then invite me out! Just give me a call or send me an email invitation.

I hope to see you again soon wherever and whenever. Take extra special care of yourself and your loved ones. I hope this year is one of great joy in every area of your life. Please sign the Guestbook before you go—and remember that you can email me any time at the email below with questions and/or rejoicings about your practice. Have a beautiful day. Peace and blessings.




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  • Dec 22
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


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